Power Generation, Distribution:

Air core reactors
Cast-coil transformers
Coal-fired power equipment
Diesel and gas engine generators
Flame detectors
Gas insulated substations
Breakers, busses
High voltage insulators
Non-flammable, non-explosive transformers
Nuclear plant components
Power, distribution and secondary substation transformers
Steam and gas turbines and generators
Steam surface condensers
Storage batteries
Turbine components
Wire and cable

Motors and Generators:

Integral and fractional HP and variable speed motors
Servos, synchro, steppers, gear motors
Large motor compressors
Variable frequency drives
Variable speed, constant frequency generating systems

Lighting Products and Wiring Devices:

Circuit protective devices--breakers, safety switches
Wiring Devices
Emergency lighting
Fluorescent lighting
Ground fault circuit interrupters
Highway warning lights
Interior down lighting
Lamps (high-intensity discharge, quartz infra-red, sub & micro miniature, photo, tungsten-halogen)
Marine electrical fittings and wiring
Photographic flash units
Remote lighting and appliance controls
Service entrance panels
Telephone wiring devices