Automotive components
Aircraft jet engines and components
Aircraft electric power systems, instruments, controls
Intercity, tour, charter buses
Marine turbines, diesel engines
Marine electric systems
Flight control systems
Helicopter rescue & cargo hoists
Helicopter blade controls
Space vehicle and missile components
Landing gear controls
Navigational receivers
Telemetry equipment
Scan converter tubes
Flame detectors for jet engines
Rapid transit rail systems
Salinity, temperature and depth measurement instruments
Servos, synchros
Restraint devices (air cargo)
Speed sensors
High performance flexible hose

Freight trains

Aircraft instrument lighting
Radiation detection systems
Continuous metal cleaning
High speed vacuum vapor deposition
Water and effluent treatment systems
Solid waste collection and disposal
Drying systems--textile, paper
High vacuum heat treating, electric arc and induction furnaces
Steel mill equipment
Workplace safety equipment
Computerized nuclear plant equipment